From the SEIT Coordinator at Comprehensive Kids:



Thank you for, once again, a most informative and inspiring Staff Development session.

You have a wonderful knack of educating and involving people with a taste of humor, personal experiences and entertainment.

I look forward to working with you in the future.


All the Best



From a SEIT who attended a workshop at Comprehensive Kids:


Hello Gary,


I bet you don't get enough of this type of email......

Great job yesterday-- 

information: very helpful

energy and delivery: fantastic


thanks - as I usually dread those workshops - boring and no new info-


You broke the mold


best regards,




From a Physical Therapist who attended a workshop for DOE PTs:


Dear Gary:


My name is Ariel, and I am a PT that had the pleasure of being in Queens College for your presentation last month.  It was both one of the most informative and positive workshops I've ever attended as a Department of Education Physical Therapist.

From a participant of my Transition workshop presented for the NYC Special Education Collaborative:


Hi Mr. Shulman,


It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and sit in your session. Thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful resources to help support our students with disabilities as they transition through and out of high school. I am grateful to know that so many great organizations exist, and am excited to take advantage of them!




Special Education Teacher

New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science II

900 Tinton Ave

Bronx, NY 10456


From a participant of the UCP Family Conference:


I want to thank you for a most enjoyable training.  I really enjoyed your wit and humor at the training at the UCP conference.  But most of all I admire noble golden heart.  You are a true example of what an MSC should be like. 


From a SEIT who attended a workshop at Comprehensive Kids:


Hi Gary! Fantastic workshops you've created. I've attended the ones from Comprehensive Kids and have to say that you are an inspiration!


From a member of Girls Prep who attended the Students in Temporary Housing Conference:


Dear Gary,


I attended your session at the NYS-TEACHS workshop today. I just wanted to thank you so much- not only for the tremendous amount of resources provided, but for the always helpful and needed reminders of why we do what we do. As the social worker at Girls Prep Lower East Middle School, I look forward to sharing the resources with my colleagues, and so appreciate your openness to communication should we need additional support.


Have a wonderful afternoon.




From a Parent Coordinator who attended the Students in Temporary Housing Conference:


I am the Parent Coordinator at PS 330Q, I attended your workshop at the Pennsylvania Hotel today and it was wonderful. I would like to thank you for the great information and resources that we received and that I can now share with our families. You are a special man.




Parent Coordinator

PS 330Q


From a parent who attended a workshop at the 14th St. Y:


Dear Gary,


Thank you for your wonderful talk last night at the 14th Street Y. It was enjoyable and packed with great information. You are a amazing resource and jewel of a human being. God bless you for your efforts on behalf of children and families with special needs.


It was a pleasure to meet you!


From a lawyer who attended a workshop at the 14th St. Y:


Dear Gary,


Thanks again for the INCREDIBLY ENLIGHTENING workshop last night!  You are a true WEALTH of knowledge. 


From a DOE staff member who attended the Students in Temporary Housing Conference who was also a parent of a child with a disability:


Hello Mr. Shulman,


I attended the 2nd session of your seminar on Tuesday, December 2.  The experience was wonderful!  I was emotional the whole time because here I was preparing to turn-key information about temporary housing back to my school, but I got so much more...more for me and my family.


From a parent of a child with Autism who is also a professional and who attended my workshop:


I'm a mother of a child with autism and also work in autism-related field. I've been in many workshop but you're absolutely the best - so resourceful and fun. I often invite speakers for a workshop for Korean-speaking parents so when the time comes, I will contact you.  Thanks again.


From a DOE staff member who attended the Students in Temporary Housing Conference who was also a parent of a child with a disability:


Good Afternoon Mr. Shulman,


I just wanted to thank you personally for a great workshop. It was very informative.  As a father of a special needs son it's important to find as many resources as possible to help him and I navigate through his life stages, so he can have a fulfilled, successful life.  You were very gracious too when I spoke to you before the workshop about my son. My colleague and I will be using you as a resource in the future for our professions.  Thank you again sir.



Guidance Counselor

M.S. 180


From a parent whom I had helped with services:


Dearest Gary,


It was such a great joy finally getting to meet you in person!  You are truly blessed in bringing hope to parents who desperately need it.  I am truly grateful for all your guidance and look forward in continue reaching out to you for wisdom and encouragement.

wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season!


God bless,


From the Coordinator of the Manhattan Family Support Fair:


Dear Gary,

Once again a perfect rating in the workshop evaluations!  Here are some of the comments:

·       “More Gary!”

·       “I love Gary’s workshops.”

·       “Very helpful, funny, knowledgeable and approachable.”

The parents come to the Fair seeking out your workshop.  Notice how they refer to you as “Gary.”  You’ve become a friend and ally, a person they trust.  We’d probably have a riot on our hands if you were not there.


I know you like everything to be perfect, but we are grateful for your flexibility, too.  


Thank you, Gary, for bringing your huge pool of resources, your intelligent strategies, your sensitivity, and your chutzpah!  May the parents learn from your example!





From a parent who had attended one of my workshops:


About 5 yrs. ago I attended one of your workshops, that was very inspiring. I

I appreciate your help, and in my family’s name would like to thank you for the unbelievable work you do on behalf of these children who can’t always properly thank you!!!


From a workshop participant at an Executive Leadership Institute session:




Thank you for presentation today. I learned so much information and really appreciate all the work you do and information you have put together.


From the Training Coordinator at AHRC:


Thank you!  As always you were very moving and helpful and overall fantastic! Wish we could use you for all of our workshops and we will certainly have you more for upcoming workshops.


Thanks again!



From a Service Coordinator from the Lower East Side Family Union who attended my AHRC Summer Camp Workshop:


Hello Gary,


Just wanted to say thank you for a great workshop and a most useful handout! 


Senior Case Manager

Lower East Side Family Union


From the Family Support Director of the Center for Family Support:


Thank you very much for providing such a great workshop.  We are very pleased with your presentation.  The parents’ feedback is always the best about your performance. 


From a participant at a Summer Camps workshop held at the Center for Family Support:


It was truly a pleasure to meet and listen to your presentation.  You have a heart of gold and a real passion for what you do.  I think everyone left with some new ideas and hope for their loved one.  Keep up the good work.


From a parent who attended a workshop at the UCP Family Conference:


As a matter of introduction, I had the opportunity to hear you speak at a workshop this fall, at the Hotel Pennsylvania.  I was too moved to speak with you at the end of your presentation, as the hope that I felt almost had me in tears.


From a Parent Coordinator in Queens:


Dear Gary,


Thanks for a great delivery today at the Wants! Needs! Wishes! Dreams! workshop that you provided to our parent community. It was a great training workshop. A quick review of the evaluation sheet indicated that all of the parents in attendance were very happy and contented with all that you delivered. Thank you very much. As always, your work and resources brings an enormous amount of enrichment to our program.


Thanks and looking forward to working with you to continue to help our community develop.


Neville Waldron

Parent Coordinator

200-01 42 Ave, Bayside

New York, 11361


From a mental health professional:


"Gary Shulman is a gifted, talented, and kind-hearted Trainer and Educator. Thank you Gary Shulman for the excellent work that you do. You truly make the world a better place. I recommend Mr. Shulman to any mental health professional, teacher and/or organization looking to better themselves or their ability to work effectively with children and families. "


From a parent who attended my workshop at PS 206 in Manhattan:


Hello Gary, 

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic your presentation was this morning. It was not only informative, it was entertaining and fun! I walked out feeling lighter and generally better about life. And with a boatload of knowledge that I didn't have before which I am sure will benefit my family as well as many members of my special ed community. Thank you very much. I've been to many many MANY presentations and seminars and workshops about procedures & services, but I think today's was the single most practically & immediately useful of all. I am in great awe of your dedication and passion.


You mentioned you were open to sending me a copy of your Power Point...would you also be able to send me a PDF of the handout if you have it? I always scan and keep everything, but double sided pages are a little harder. If you don't already have it in pdf form, it's not a big deal!


Thank you again, and I look forward to the next time our paths cross.


Sincerely, truly!!!


Feedback after a workshop for the Parkside School staff:


Thank you! A literal wealth of information well delivered!


Leslie Thorne

Educational Director

The Parkside School


From a parent who attended a workshop at PS 206 in Manhattan:


Dear Mr. Shulman,


I attended your lecture at PS 206 last week. I was so impressed by all the info. you were able to give us in the little time you had!


I have passed your name to at least three friends of mine who may have reached you already. 


Thank you again for coming to our school! 

You are a Special Needs Rockstar!

We really appreciated your expertise!


From a teacher at the Parkside School:


Thanks again for visiting Parkside this past week, your wealth of information was impressive and very helpful to us all!


From a Parks and Recreation staff member who attended one of my inclusion sessions:


Good Morning Mr. Shulman,


I just wanted to personally say thank you for your extremely inspiring presentation at the Recreation Summit yesterday afternoon.


Until your speech yesterday, I was very upset when I thought about my sister being made fun of and never understood why people could be so mean, especially other children.


Again, I just want to say thank you for opening my eyes to what I am really going through and most importantly for helping me go through this without even trying.


You truly are an inspiration to me and I hope to one-day get a chance to speak with you again.


Have a great day!


From a staff member of the 92nd St. Y after an inclusion training:


Hi Gary,


Thank you for an amazing workshop last night. I hope that we can do another one in the future.


From a parent after providing her with information about support services:


Wow! Thank you so very much Mr. Shulman. You truly are a blessing to the special needs community. May God continue to bless you abundantly in all that you do.


From a parent thanking me for my past support:


When we came into NYC in 2008 , you were a first person whom I asked for the help to  her and you about an hour listened to my story in hard understanding broken English very patiently and then gave me a lot of information about services what we needed. And then in 2012 when I needed a bilingual in Russian speech therapist for her evaluation , I e-mailed you and after 5 minute got the respond with a complete list of SLT bilingual in Russian  and we found someone who did it. I can't find enough words to express my gratefulness, but I am keeping you in my payers and wish you GOD's blessing all of your life.

THANK YOU for everything you did for us and doing for all needed kids, my appreciation is incomparable.

Have a great day!


From a participant at my “We All Belong” workshop for Community Resources and Services for Children:


Good afternoon Gary,


Wanted to say thank you for today’s presentation, everyone enjoyed it very much. 

Looking forward to the next one.



 From the Supervisor of PTs after a parent workshop:


Thank you Gary!  You were wonderful as usual!

The parent evaluation sheets reflected an overwhelmingly positive response.  Thank you again for sharing your expertise and opening your heart and time to our parents!


Wendy Brownstein

Physical Therapy Supervisor

New York City Department of Education


From a parent who attended a workshop sponsored by the Queens PT Dept.:


It was an amazing experience to have the privilege of this information and to receive it in such a dynamic way presented by Mr. Shulman.  We could share our questions and concerns with other parents and learn from each other too.  We are forever thankful!


From a parent who attended a workshop at the Central Brooklyn Library:


Hi Gary,


I really wanted to write to thank you.  It's been a rough week in our world, and your positive energy and focus on the good was really so needed.  Thank you!


From a parent who attended a workshop at AHRC on Transition:


Good Morning Mr. Shulman, 


I hope your day is off to a great start., I attended your workshop yesterday at AHRC.

I just want to say Thank You so very much for your time and dedication, sense of humor & love for helping people.

I learned a lot & have a lot of phone calls to make and e-mails to send out.  

I found myself very emotional.  Its a lot to take in and think about but I'm happy for all

of the resources that you provided me with, I will definitely make use of them.

Thanks again.  I appreciate you.

Have a great and blessed day.


p.s.  I'm the lady who hugged you.


From a parent who attended a workshop sponsored by the Queens DOE PT Dept.:


It was a Blessing from God to be chosen to attend Mr Gary Shulman workshop. He is an outstanding man with the Greatest Heart. 

I will use all of the information I received from the workshop and your email to make the best decisions for my daughter. Now I can say that I have hope for my child's future. 

Thank you very much.


From the Education Coordinator of Theracare after my workshops for them:


Gary thank you so much as always you are so loved and appreciated your perspective is just unbelievably Dead on!! You should be very proud of the work that you do, proud to know you!



From an Early Intervention Service Coordinator from Public Health Solutions:


HI Mr. Shulman!!


I really enjoyed the training today it was fun and upbeat.

Thanks again for being so inspiring and for being proud and proactive about humanity!


Service Coordinator

Early Intervention Service Coordination

A Program of Public Health Solutions


From a participant who attended my workshop sponsored by the Executive Leadership Institute:


Mr. Shulman,


Thanks for a wonderful and most informative workshop today! I totally enjoyed it. Thank you.


Kripanand Mohan, Ed.D.

Assistant Principal

The Walter Francis White School

PS/IS 41


From a participant who attended my workshop sponsored by the Executive Leadership Institute:


Dear Mr. Shulman,

Thank you for a great and resourceful PD on wishes and wants for our students w/disabilities!



Audrey Robinson


From a Case Manager who attended a workshop I conducted for Ohel/Bais Ezra:


Dear Gary,

Thanks for the great presentation. May Hashem continue to give you the knowledge, strength and opportunities to continue to learn about more resources and share them with others.


From the Area Coordinator of Ohel/Bais Ezra:


Wow! It was definitely a great presentation!

Thank you again for sharing your wealth of information!


From the Supervisor of MSCs of Ohel/Bais Ezra:


Hi Gary,


I wanted to formally thank you for bringing such warmth and knowledge on a very rainy day.  The knowledge that you dispelled to the MSC’s in beyond valuable and we will be distributing your resource guide to any new MSC’s.  Please continue to do the amazing work that you do.  We are beyond appreciative!


MSC Supervisor


From the Parent Support Group Coordinator of Abbott House:


Thank you, Mr. Shulman for choosing Abbott House foster and adoptive parent's association. Your delightful presence and wealth of information was greatly appreciated. We would love to invite you back. Thank you again.


From the Director of the Autism Society Habilitation Association:


Dear Gary Shulman

It was our honor to have you attend our workshop. You are exceptional as usual, my community and I learned a lot and we are inspired by you. Thanks for your valuable time and your guidance. 

This is just a beginning, and we hope we will continue to benefit from you.

Thank You




From the Senior Pediatrician of the Charles B. Wang Health Care Center:


Dear Gary,


Thank you for your, as always, wonderful workshop.  I really do think you got the staff thinking about how much they DON"T know and how much more can be done for young adults with special needs. 


Thank you again Gary and hope to see you soon.


Sherry Huang, MD, FAAP

Senior Pediatrician

Charles B. Wang Community Health Center


From the Director of Youth Services for the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center:

Thanks so much, Gary!  It was a great afternoon.  You captured the attention, respect, and maintained the enthusiasm of a large group of our staff from various youth program areas.  Amazing job :-)  


We will definitely consider bringing you back for work with our parents.  Training funds for staff training are easier to come by, so glad you provided the link for us to look into funds for this.  


We'll be in touch,


Sadie Mahoney, LCSW

Director, Youth Services

Kingsbridge Heights Community Center

From a parent who attended my District 25 & 26 Queens workshop:




First off, thank you. Your knowledge, wisdom and sense of humor made the workshop incredibly engaging and I am glad I attended.