From a School Psychologist after my District 25 & 26 Workshop:


Your presentation was fantastic! Very informative with a nice tint of humor. I am SURE that i'll be emailing you again soon for information :)


Thanks again greatly,

Jonathan G. Ruffus

NYS School Psychologist

District 26 - P.S. 26 The Rufus King School


From a parent who attended my District 25 & 26 Queens workshop:


Dearest Gary:


I want to wish you a long blessed healthy life to continue to do what you do best!   

You have my full attention especially at your "Fantastic Presentation."  I went from being serious, choked up, to tears and laughter.  You are truly an "Amazing Gentleman." 

My phobia of the "Bumble Bee" is no longer.  Your interesting insightful description of the Bee's large Body and ability to fly with small wings is my newest inspiration that you have given me.  I love your symbolism.  Even with a "Disability you have Ability."   


From a parent who attended my workshop for AHRC:


Hello, Hope your day is off to a great start.  I attended your workshop yesterday and as always you were awesome and amazing and a huge blessing to me.  Just want to say that you are loved and appreciated.

Thanks for all that you do.


From a parent who attended my workshop for AHRC:


Happy Friday, to you. And it looks like the Mets and your seminar were both a success. 
I was so happy to finally meet you (my husband thinks you're cool too). 
I learned so much listening to you and still learning.
I have already began to use some of your "tactics", and feeling better.
Have a great weekend!


 From 2 professionals who participated in the NY Foundling workshop:





I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful, inspiring lecture.




Thank you so much, I love your energy and your ability to be so resourceful.. totally enjoyed the workshop.


From a parent attending a workshop for the NEST program at PS 206:


Good morning Mr. Shulman,

Thank you so much for your informative and invigorating presentation at PS/MS206 yesterday.

I feel like my blood pressure goes down every time I hear you speak!


From the Administrator of Special Education of the Queens South Filed Support Center after a training:


Dear Gary,


Thank you for giving our community the resources they need in such a positive and uplifting yet realistic way.

I look forward to working with you again in the future


Janet R. Isasi

Administrator of Special Education

Queens South Field Support Center


 From the Senior Community Representative of LES Community Partnership:





Gary -


Thanks again for the wonderfully enlightening and entertaining mini-workshop two weeks ago. As I shared with Flora, not only was the information you shared extremely useful, but you also helped to remind me of why I try to do what I do (which is often more important than whatever help I render). Many so-called professionals would do well to revisit the "heart" aspect, if they've been at this type of work any length of time.


So, on behalf of Robby, myself and our other Community Representatives, thanks for generously sharing your knowledge, expertise and resources with us "after the fact." Many say, "Feel free to contact me...," but it's been a long while since I last saw truth in action. Your reply to Robby was tantamount to a one on one training, and served to further clarify a somewhat complex issue even for me. You're a great blessing to our work on the LES!


Be well until the next time, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving...


Aubrey LeGrier,

Senior Community Representative,

Co-Chair, Conferencing Work Group

LES Community Partnership


From the Assistant Director of Education and Child Development for Early Head Start-Family Child Care Partnership:


Hi Gary,


Thank you again for providing a motivating and engaging workshop for the staff at University Settlement.  I am glad I finally was able to attend one of your workshops and it will not be my last.  

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!


April Daly

Assistant Director of Education and Child Development

Early Head Start-Family Child Care Partnership

University Settlement Society

176 Eldridge St. New York, NY 10002


From the Special Needs Coordinator of Early Head Start of University Settlement Society:


You were excellent, thank you! We all talked about how informative and engaging the session was!


Grace Zhang | Special Needs Coordinator | Early Head Start-Family Child Care Partnership

University Settlement Society

176 Eldridge St. New York, NY 10002


From the Assistant Supervisor of YAI Link:




Thank you so much for your presentation this morning! I so much enjoyed the topic covered, especially your insight from personal experience. 


I certainly got a lot out of your presentation and the families that attended left really positive feedback, and so much appreciated your time and expertise!


Hope you have a wonderful afternoon and thank you again!




Hayley C. Schapiro LMSW

Assistant Supervisor



From a grandparent who attended my YAI workshop:


Dear Mr. Shulman,


I just wanted to thank you for your workshop and your kindness to this crying grandma. I have avoided workshops or support groups because I get afraid of getting upset. When I saw this title back in October, (Stares, Glares and Hurtful Words: What to do) I had hoped that I would have gotten myself together enough to chance going. I was doing Ok, not crying so often, and I REALLY wanted to go. So I took a chance that even if I did cry maybe no one would mind or I could hide it somehow.


Thank you for making me feel welcomed just as I am....tears and all. I learned so much about my own reaction vs using kindness towards those that I think, "should know better!" No indeed, they are not bad people. It is just my own defensiveness.  I hope I can stop, breathe and think before I say something. I am writing down possible replies I can say in response to people's stares or hurtful words. I want to be more prepared for situations like that. Your workshop gave me lots of ways to handle it better.


I don't know if I am ready for a support group for grandparents however I would like to have the information should I want to look into it in the new year. I have a few friends who have grandchildren with autism and they have been a lifeline. Thank you for reminding me to not be so hard on myself. Any information you have for grandparent groups would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you again for your dedication and insight.


From a participant of my YAI Workshop:


Good morning, Mr. Shulman:


Many, many thanks for inviting me to your training. It helped to reinforce the feelings and practices that I currently use with strangers, and it was so great to be with other caring parents who had the same concerns and frustrations. I have been seeking a training like this for a long time. Your personality is also so warm and welcoming. 

I would love for you to conduct a training at our agency. I do not work in the training department, but I have forwarded your information to the staff who work with birth parents and foster parents. I plan to forward it again.


Best regards always,


Koren Hall, Bronx Educational Coordinator

The Childrens Village- Adoption and Foster Care/ILS Department

400 East Fordham Road, 6th Floor

Bronx, New York 10458


From a parent who attended my workshop at the Manhattan Family Support Fair:




I'm very glad to have attended your session today at the resource fair. 


It was very informative and I learned a lot of things I didn't know before. Thank you for providing so much useful information to us, and more importantly, thank you very much for the emotional support and encouragement you gave us. They are very important for families like us.


From a parent who attended my workshop at the Manhattan Family Support Fair:


Hello Mr. Shulman!

I absolutely LOVED your talk from last week; it still resonates. It is not easy to address needs of a 3yo special needs boy, but you made it a bit more hopeful recently. I am grateful for folks like you. 


From the Coordinator of the Manhattan Family Support Fair:


Mr. Gary Shulman

Brooklyn, NYC, USA, the World


Dear Gary,

You clearly have a devoted following: people who always choose your workshops.  They adore you.  Again, extremely high ratings in your workshop evaluations.  Here’s a sampling of the comments:

·      Always worthwhile to hear Gary Shulman

·      Incredibly enlightening

·      Awesome energy!  Very funny!

·      The speaker did a wonderful job.  I really enjoyed it.

·      Thank you!!  Love you, Gary.  Happy holidays to you.

They love you not just because you are funny and you entertain them.  They love you because they recognize that you have delved into resources and found the best for them; they know that you are 100% in their corner, they trust you, and they know you are a true advocate.   


Thank you, Gary, for all the gifts you bring to our families—not least of which is how much you inspire them to get out there and fight, if necessary, for what their family members need.





From a Social Worker of a Charter School:


Hi Gary,

I hope your new year is off to a great start!  I wanted to tell you that I spoke with one of the parents who attended your presentation at our school a few months back and she said that you gave her her hope back.  She was feeling really alone and she felt that hearing you talk and the supports you offered really gave her a second chance.  She specifically mentioned the bee analogy as being really inspirational.  We would love to have you back this year or next year!




Emily Moore Haberman, LMSW

Explore Schools | Exceed Charter School | Social Worker

Community schools. Outstanding results.


From a parent who attended my workshop at the Manhattan Family Support Fair:



Since attending your seminar, I have started working with AHRC, gotten my OPWDD Front Door training certificate, and had my son’s SSI reinstated (the last one was mostly my mom!). Hearing all the options that were available to him if I would just take advantage of them inspired me to get moving. I just hope you know what a blessing you are because of your dedication. I hope your kindness will be rewarded "ten-fold in the heart,"  I'll be in touch.

Thank you,


From the Coordinator of an Autism Support Network at Downstate Medical Center:




Thank you for a tremendous, exciting, and informative talk today. Looking around the room at the parents' faces as you told them about transportation, movies, opportunities...I don't know that one could ever get tired of having that kind of impact on someone else's day (or life! I guess that's what you meant when you said your work keeps you young!). Thank you so much for being able and willing to come in today.


Your willingness to really roll with the punches today is so, so appreciated.


Onward and upward indeed!




After a training conducted for the Mental Health Association of NYC:


Good Evening Gary,


They were all very impressed and excited about your training this morning and I noted how very positive and energized everyone was!!! During the afternoon, staff noted what a great training it was and how much they got out of it.

I know you are fantastic trainer and you provided the FRC staff with the guidance, information and reinforcement they needed to go back out and continue trying to expand their outreach :)

I look forward to having you come back for the next training! Let me know if there is anything in-between now and then that you may need from me.

Thank you!!!



Angela Mora-Vargas, LMSW

Assistant Vice President of Programs

The Mental Health Association of New York City (MHA-NYC)


After a training conducted for the Mental Health Association of NYC:


Hi! Gary!  

Thank you so much for the training/workshop yesterday, you made it fun and it definitely related to the work we do.  

Thanks again,


Gail Mercedes

Senior Family Advocate -| Family Resource Center of Northern Manhattan|

The Mental Health Association of New York City (MHA-NYC)


From a participant who attended my workshop for Head Start staff of Cardinal McCloskey Services:


Dear Mr. Shulman


First I just want too thank you for that amazing workshop it definitely hit home for me and I did want too raise my hand but I did not want to cry as your workshop made a very lasting impression on me.


Also I found your workshop informative and believe everyone needs too be treated equally and as a whole.


From the Special Needs Coordinator of Cardinal McCloskey services after my workshop about Inclusion:


Dear Gary,


It was definitely great, it really hit home!!! I could tell how they all enjoyed it.  Words cannot express how much I appreciated your workshop!!


Joanne Beauvais    MS Ed.

Director of Special Education

Cardinal McCloskey Community Services

402-404 East 152nd Street

Bronx, NY 10455


From a participant who attended my workshop for Head Start staff of Cardinal McCloskey Services:


Hi, I am the Education Director at Holy Spirit. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your training!! It was informative and entertaining.

Paula Belli


From a participant of a Transition workshop provided to NYC DOE OTs and PTs:


Hi Mr. Gary Shulman,


I had the opportunity to see you in one of the OT/PT led workshops in 2014. The workshop was titled: Transitioning, Rain or Shine. You were a wonderful, passionate and an insightful teacher.


Voltaire Caraig,OTR/L

Senior Occupational Therapist

Robert A. Van Wyck Middle School 217

85-05 144th Street, Briarwood NY 11435


From a participant of a workshop conducted for NY Therapy Placement Services:


Good Morning Gary,


It was a pleasure meeting you the other night at the workshop--it was fantastic!

Thanks so much! It was wonderful watching you present--you're great!


Kind Regards,


Dani Silverstein, LMSW

Strategic Projects Director/Community Life Skills Trainer

New York Therapy Placement Services, Inc.

500 Bi-County Blvd., Suite 450

Farmingdale, NY 11735


From a staff member of the Cooke Center:


You were wonderful, Gary.  Your words, sentiment, and dedication to the field are an inspiration and resonated with our entire team.  Thank you so much!  We will certainly keep you in mind for upcoming PD opportunities. 

Thank you again,


Virginia Skar, CCC-SLP

Department Chair-Learning for Living Curriculum 

Cooke Center Academy

60 MacDougal StreetNew York, New York 10012


From a participant who attended my workshop for Head Start staff of Cardinal McCloskey Services:


Dear Mr. Shulman,


Thank you for the most informative and fun lecture I have attended in a long time. I sat all the way in the back during your second lecture at Holy Spirit in the Bronx. You had me as well as my coworkers paying close attention to your every word and jokes. Once again thank you. Hope to see you again in future Professional Development Days.


Very truly,


Evelyn Velazquez

School Nurse 


From an EI Service Coordinator who participated in my workshop for Public Health Solutions:


Dear Gary, 

Thank you for a wonderful training you conducted on 3/15/16 at 40 Worth St. 

You inspired me to be a better service coordinator than I am now. 



Alla Golden

Service Coordinator

Early Intervention Service Coordination

A Program of Public Health Solutions


From a parent who attended my workshop at P 177Q:


First let me begin by saying what an informative experience I had listening to and viewing your lecture Thursday evening; I was the gentleman in the front with the host of questions. I am a certified trainer who has given lectures previously and I often compare what I've learned on how to be an effective speaker with how others orate and, suffice to say, your style along with the data provided had me riveted throughout. I would deem how you relayed your wisdom of all the facts a success!


Comments from participants of my DOE Queens South Staff Training:


             It was such a pleasure listening to you today. You are such an inspiration and an incredible person.  Your comments, stories and knowledge today were truly moving.

Can you please send me the packet you were referring to today?  I will do my best to help any and all families that come my way.

Thank you again for all that you do to help those in need. You are an inspiration.


     ·      I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.  I learned a lot about resources that are available for the  students and families we work with.


     ·      Thank you so much for sharing all of that important information with us this morning at the District 27 meeting, I really enjoyed it!


     ·      Loved learning from you today.


     ·      Thank you so much for the information you provided today.


    ·      Thank you for all of the wonderful information.


     ·      I wanted to thank you for your wonderful presentation today. It was inspiring!! I would also love   for you to come to my school and inspire my teachers.


     ·      I enjoyed your presentation.   For someone who has worked in special education for many years I      feel inadequate.  

  I would love to get you to talk to my parents.  I have a big special education population.


     ·      What a wonderful, informative presentation!


     ·      Hello- I am currently at the meeting at which you are presenting. Great job :-)


     ·      Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop today at the botanical gardens.


   Can't wait for your presentation next month!


  • You were fabulous!


·      Thank you so much Gary. They absolutely loved you! They spoke highly of you in the feedback sheet and in the below email. I am so glad that you were able to come and present to our Special Education Liaisons.

       Again-thank you for that wonderful presentation.


         ·      I attended the workshop that you gave at the Queens Botanical Gardens this past Friday, and I       must say you were a breath of fresh air!!!  At this time, I am requesting more information on all the  wonderful programs that are available to our students that I never knew existed.  Wow you got my attention!!


 ·      Hi Gary,


Thank you for a great presentation on Friday, and for letting us know how much the participants loved it. 

You, my dear are a rock star!  They want more of you (actually, we all do).


Feedback from my presentation to the City-wide Oversight Committee for Mental Health Services:



I so enjoyed your presentation and more importantly learned a great deal.  I will be in touch with you shortly as I am in need of a resource to give us some feedback on the direction we are going with the development of the curriculum.

Have a good evening.

Judy Blunt


Hi Gary,


It was great just like a fresh burst of clean air. We will be in touch with you soon.




Director, Family Resource Center

The Jewish Board


 Hi Gary, 


It was a pleasure attending your presentation. Thank you for being a wealth of information and making things fun. I look forward to staying connected 


Desiree Moore 

NYC Regional Youth Partner 



It was our joy to have you!


Susan Thaler, LCSW

Director, Children’s Service

New York City Field Office- Office of Mental Health

330 Fifth Avenue 9th Floor New York, New York 10001


From the District 5 Parent Coordinator:


Thank you for your wisdom and charisma which makes your presentations all the more interesting.

Many blessings for you.


Carla Tenorio

District Five

Family Support Coordinator

425 West 123rd Street, room 205

New York, N.Y. 10027


From Bridges to Health Staff Participants from my JCCA Workshop:


Thanks for the resource information today. The workshop was great. Please send me all resource information available to share including the power point. I already have plans and clients in mind to share the information with including my own family. Thank you so much.


Reana Thorne, LMSW

Health Care Integrator

JCCA | Repair the world child by child

384 East 149th Street, Suite 504 | Bronx, NY 10455


Hi Mr. Shulman:


Thanks for the training. I really learned a lot and most importantly enjoyed how you presented the training. Thanks a million.


Melvin Alvarez, MSW | Health Care Integrator

JCCA | Repair the world child by child

384 E 149th, Bronx NY 10455



Good Day Gary:


Your training this morning was awesome.  All that information was new to me and as a Social Worker for 20 years it would have been beneficial to have known some of that info.


Lisa Chin, MSW | Health Care Integrator/B2H

JCCA | Repair the world child by child

384 East 149th Street, Suite 504 | Bronx, NY 10455


HI Gary,

Thank you for all the wonderful information you provided to us today.  You did an excellent presentation, as always. Thanks again.




Wendy Mac Leish  LCSW |  Health Care Integrator

JCCA | Repair the world child by child

858 East 29th Street  2nd floor  | Brooklyn NY 11210


Hello Mr. Shulman


I was at your presentation today at JCCA. I would like to say excellent job. I was able to walk away from this presentation with much needed resources for my clients and myself. Thank you


Franzeska Sampson MSW| Bridges to Health | HCI

JCCA | Repair the world child by child

858 East 29th Street Brooklyn, NY 11210


Good Afternoon Mr. Gary

I would like to say thank you for the training at JCCA . It was a very resourceful training.


Silvia Bunay, MSW | Health Care Integrator

JCCA | Repair the world child by child

Bridges to Health Program (B2H Program)

858 East 29th Street, 2nd Fl | Brooklyn, NY 11210


Hello Mr. Shulman,


I attending the training you did at JCC this past Monday.

I must thank you for all the information you provided to us.

It was a wealth of information given.

Thank you once again for all your hard work and dedication to these families, and for the information you have shared with us. 


Enilda Reyes| WSP Manager


JCCA | Repair the world child by child

384 East 149th Street, Suite 504 | Bronx, NY 10455


From participants who attended my training for the Mental Health Association of NYC Family Resource Center Staff:


Good Morning Gary


Thank you and I enjoyed your great sense of humor and the sharing of excellent resources, compassion stories and experiences.


Rena Au

Family Advocate

Southern Manhattan Family Resource Center

Mental Health Association of New York City (MHA-NYC)

50 Broadway, 19th Floor | New York, NY 10004



Good Afternoon Gary,

Thank you for another excellent training - it's always extremely helpful when our team is able to receive the knowledge from you to continue fine tuning our efforts for families.



Angela Mora-Vargas, LMSW

Assistant Vice President of Programs

The Mental Health Association of New York City (MHA-NYC)


From the Parent Coordinator of P231K:


Hi, Gary,


I was thinking of you yesterday.  Things were very busy after our Principal's Lunch and I didn't get a chance to thank you for your wonderful workshop.  It was very informative and delivered in such a relaxed manner.  


Have a great day!


All the best,


Stacey Calakos

Parent Coordinator


(718) 853-1884