From the Social Worker at a Private School:




Your presentation was amazing. The parents loved you, and so did I. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your wealth of knowledge. I admire your career, you are truly an amazing person and you have touched the lives of so many! Thank you for not fully retiring so that people can still find hope and inspiration in your words. Please keep in touch and let me know what adventures you stumble across in this new phase of your life. Fly on bumble bee.....


All the Best,



Learningspring School

Social Worker



From Staff of the Jewish Child Care Association:

A “big thank” you to Gary!!! 

It was an excellent training and though Queens may not be the loudest crowd, I have been hearing buzzing all afternoon about how much they enjoyed it and learned.

Jewish Child Care Association-Queens Office:

Some things never change, i.e. JCCA loves Gary Shulman! :)


Another staff member from Jewish Child Care Association:


and: There were only great reviews and feedback from all who attended.-Bronx JCCA Office


From the Learning Specialist at a Private School:


Thanks for being such an inspiring presenter and facilitator!

Best wishes,


Liza Eyster

Learning Specialist

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

3002 Fort Hamilton Parkway

Brooklyn, NY 11218


From a parent:


It was a great meeting with you yesterday. I wrote down some of your inspirational words to get me through the difficult times I might have with my son. I am the mom who broke the ice by speak about my " Wants, Wishes and Dreams".  Gary you are a life saver, you are making the darkness in this tunnel fade away..Thank you so much.


From Godfrey Rivera of Sinergia, Inc.:


This letter serves as a token of our gratitude for your wonderful workshop, passion and energy!

From the staff of a private school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders:


Gary, thank you for your inspiring presentation. We will certainly plan for more events for our community - the information is desperately needed. We go forth filled with your wisdom! Have a great weekend.   

From the Educational Alliance:

Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop! Those of us who attended truly enjoyed it! It definitely met and exceeded our expectations!


From a parent who attended my session presented to parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders as part of the YAI Support Group:


I came in that presentation yesterday emotional and left with tears of joy and a wealth of knowledge god bless you I already passed on the info to another special needs mom and to my daughter's teacher for her classmate's parents. Gary you are a guardian angel touching the lives and souls of so many :)


From a parent who attended a workshop at a school in Washington Heights:


I just wanted to thank you for your workshop at District Six PS48. I was moved by your stories and felt hopeful not just for my son but other children as well. I would love to attend more of your workshops. I felt inspired to learn more about becoming a parent advocate. You are a great man Mr. Shulman!


After a workshop I conducted for Bais Kinder in Brooklyn:




You are a  top tier professional and roz and I know the parents felt your expertise, knowledge, warmth and professionalism.  Truthfully, and I know you have lectured a lot in the community I never experienced such a warm and intimate setting with honesty and openness in this community.


We already know we want to book you again for next spring.!!!!!!!


Terry and Roz

Terry Watson

MS, Developmental Specialist

MA, CMT, LCAT, Music Therapy

Faculty, New York University, Touro College

Private Practice



Feedback after conducting “We All Belong” workshop for the NY Public Library:


Hi Gary, 

Today's training was wonderful and clearly moved several staff members in attendance. Thank you again. 

I think that having you focus on the importance of inclusion and general awareness & understanding is the right target (and I think you accomplished a lot of that today.)


Thanks for a great program today. 




From a Librarian after my “We All Belong workshop for the NY Public Library:


Hi Gary,


I just wanted to thank you so much for your presentation yesterday at

67th street. It was wonderful to get such useful, dynamic information.


I look forward to working with you in the future!



Emily Jacobson


From the Associate Director of Outreach of the NY Public Library:




I'm a little tardy here, but thank you so much for the training yesterday!  I was ready to take on the world after it, as I know other people were as well.  You're an inspiring and knowledgeable advocate (not as common to be both as you might think).  More later, but I did want to say thank you. I really love what you do. 



Nicholas Higgins

Associate Director for Outreach Services

The New York Public Library

455 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10016




From the Jewish Child Care Association Foster and Adoptive Parent Training:


Thank you again for fitting our program into your schedule.  It was truly a wonderful experience for the foster and adoptive parents as well as myself.

I am copying my supervisor on this email as I had mentioned the benefit of this presentation for staff in the future.  We will definitely keep you in mind and will reach out to you if and when we have something confirmed.



Antoinette Bryce Smith

Jewish Child Care Association


From Cardinal McClosky Services:



It is us who should be thanking YOU!

It is your ability to compassionately share your treasures that has re-ignited our caregivers and staff.

Your presence was much needed and greatly appreciated.

We will be crossing roads once again! J (Until you get sick of us!)

Have a great weekend & enjoy this cool weather.




From a Parent who attended a workshop at the Cooke School:


Thank you so much for last night.  I have never attended such a delightful and informative meeting. I wish and dream too that there are many "BIG HEARTS" like you around for all of us special needs parents.  Are YOU going to have another of the same informative meetings in the future, because I would like very much for my husband to attend such a special meaningful event. We are so blessed that you are there to help!  Just to let you know that we have a beautiful 16th year old daughter Christine who is a child with Down Syndrome at the Cooke Center.



From a participant at a workshop provided for prospective Child Life professionals at Bankstreet College:


Thank you Mr. Gary. What a gift you are, more than you will ever know. You gave me hope.


From a parent who attended a workshop on Public Benefits at QSAC:


Dear Gary:


You were GREAT tonight!!! Like usual :-) I absolutely learned a lot and enjoyed your workshop. Thank you very much for being so a caring a nice person!!!! I greatly appreciate it!!!!


From a parent who attended a District 75 workshop on Staten Island:


Hi Gary,


First off I want to say what a wonderful presentation you did today. You not only touch base on the issues we need to deal with on a daily basis with our children, but I also feel that you touch a little bit deeper. Somewhat spiritual and focusing on not giving up hope.  Thank you for that.


From a doctor who attended my presentation for Chinese speaking parents at the Charles B. Want Health Center:


Thank you Gary for your wonderful, informative presentation.  Our parents and staff always enjoy seeing you and I never fail to learn something new.  


Each time I hear you speak I am reminded of why I am a pediatrician and the importance of kindness.  I believe my practice has changed, for the better, because of you!!  When I first started I used to feel annoyed at all the forms and requests from our parents, especially the ones with special needs.  In addition, I didn't even know where to send them for the help and support they needed!  Slowly I am starting to "get it" and I hope to help my colleagues practice with kindness and empathy.  


From the Office for Students in Temporary Housing Content Expert at a workshop for 35 of her Family Workers:


I can’t begin to thank you for an incredible presentation today.  You got rave reviews and everyone loved it.  What was really interesting was that people appreciated it, not only for the clients, but for themselves as well.

I am so impressed and so appreciate.

Thank you, Gary.


From a SEIT worker for Comprehensive Kids who attended a workshop:





Thank you so much for such a positive, forward thinking, activist workshop.  I haven't enjoyed anything, learned and been so validated, all at once, in a long time.


I plan on using your material, and will get your power point, as a resource, starting today.


Wishing you a long, healthy life so you can continue helping people for many years.


Thank you for all you,ve done and continue to do.


Susan Schneider


From the SEIT Supervisor who attended the Comprehensive Kids workshop:



Gary, words cannot begin to express my gratitude for your presentation today. Your passion and knowledge for advocacy are matched only by your charismatic and winning personality. My SEITS enjoyed having you. You exceeded my expectations and I truly thank you for making my first workshop a success. Bless you.


Veronica Thompson


From the Assistant Supervisor of YAI LINK after a workshop for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders:


Thank you so much for your time yesterday. It was a pretty amazing group - seeing the parents share their wishes and express their emotions so openly with one another was very moving. The parents not only received great resources (in an entertaining fashion) but also were able to connect and provide one another with support.



Michelle Lang, LMSW

Assistant Supervisor, YAI LINK


From a participant at a workshop I conducted for AHRC:


I was really moved by you and your work tonight. Your wisdom, knowledge, enthusiasm, humor, and compassion make you someone anyone would want to learn from and with. You inspired me with how you connected, engaged, and sang with us all! 


From a professional at United Cerebral Palsy after reading one of my articles:




Read your recent article in the Parenting magazine I picked up at the Special Needs Expo on Sunday!!!  Wow…Gary..I think you need to write a book!!!

You have continued to be a life line for parents and for people lucky enough to work in this field!!!




From a professional who attended my workshop presented at the Manhattan Family Support Fair Dec. 2013


This is just to comment on your highly entertaining, informative, articulate one man show!

Bravo! Forget power point! I had a blast!


Thank you!

Edita Block, MSC AHRCNYC


From the Coordinator of the Manhattan Family Support Fair:


Hi Gary,


It's true!  There is, could never be, anyone like you!  Your presentations got 100% excellent ratings.  It's not only that you make the material fun and entertaining, but you also give people the sense that they don't have to be helpless puppets, that they can push and push until they get what they need, and you model for them how to do that!  Your workshops are priceless.


We can't tell you how much we appreciate your presenting for us at the Fair!  We love you and value you and thank you with all our hearts.


Be well (that's an order!),



From the Special Needs Coordinator of the Marks JCH of Bensonhurst:


Hi Gary,


Thank you so much for coming to the Marks JCH yesterday and leading the workshop. Upon returning to the JCH yesterday, I heard from SO many people – families and staff- how much they enjoyed your workshop. They were amazed by how much knowledge you had on the subject and were able to share with them, but most importantly, were so appreciative of your offer for them to contact you with questions. Every person left the workshop uplifted, inspired, and motivated to do all that they can for their children and/or clients.


We look forward to having you back again in the future!!


Thank you so much!!




From a librarian of the Child's Place for Children with Special Needs who attended a presentation given to the NYC DOE Family Workers who assist families in temporary housing:


Hi Gary,


Thanks for your kind words and for an incredible presentation.  All of us learned a lot and I was happy to see the family coordinators so engaged.  We are all lucky to have you as a resource and a friend of the program.  If you ever have need of me please do not hesitate to get in touch.




John Huth


From the Supervisor of Brooklyn Family Workers for Students in Temporary Housing of the NYC DOE after my workshop:


Hey Gary -


Thank you very much!  Today's session was very informative and inspirational.  The information provided is very relevant and useable. The manner in which you provided the information allows for all participants to walk away remembering what was shared.  




From a participant who attended a workshop for Charter School staff:


Hi Gary,


I want to thank you for the incredible resources and the great seminar that you provided yesterday! It was very informative and I have already referred a family to one of the organizations listed in the packet. It was great to meet you.


Thanks again,


Erika Brunwasser (Empower Charter School)


From a participant at a Department of Education seminar for OTs and PTs:


Hi Gary,

I was at the board of ed. workshop today and it was inspiring, motivating and overall amazing. Thank you for the important information and for helping us do everything we can to empower our students and their families.

Sincerely, Amy Sklar (OT at NYC DOE)


From a participant at a Department of Education seminar for OTs and PTs:


Hi Gary,


YOU are a treasure!  Thank you again for the presentation yesterday.  It is always a joy to hear you and I learn so much valuable information I can really use right away.  More important, I always get re-inspired and re-charged to keep doing the work that we do.


Best regards,



Peggy Halford, MS, OTR/L

Senior Instructional Therapist (SIT) (M,W)

Truman High School (T,Th,F)


From a participant at a Department of Education seminar for OTs and PTs:


Hi Gary,

My name is Razia and I attended the DOE Transition workshop last week. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing, inspirational presentation. You really made me feel optimistic that there can be a happy ending for these students!!!


Razia Khan, MS, OTR/L

Senior Occupational Therapist


From a participant at a Department of Education seminar for OTs and PTs:


Dear Gary,


It was so wonderful to meet you yesterday!  What a breath of fresh air you are, and you are such an amazing plethora of knowledge for individuals with disabilities!  I feel grateful to have crossed paths with you and I want to thank you for giving such a wonderful, invigorating and informative workshop.  Thank you again for caring so much about what you do and doing it with such zest and good humor!!


Martha Gold-Dvoryadkin, DPT, CYT

Pediatric Physical Therapist


From the Special Needs Coordinator of Educational Alliance Head Start:


Thank YOU for a truly inspirational and thought provoking workshop! There's a reason why teachers remember your workshops so fondly! 


Gretel Scott


From the Social Services Director of Family Head Start after a workshop on Inclusion:


I must thank you again for a WONDERFUL workshop.  It was inspiring, educational and a complete joy to attend.   The staff at Family Head Start truly needed a dose of you!


You are very special in a special kind of way!  


Maria Fazzolari, Social Service Director

Family Head Start


From the Training Director of Cardinal McCloskey Community Services:




I am very glad that our CMCS staff got to experience your wisdom and dedication. 


Thanks again,



From a parent who attended a workshop on “Benefits” at QSAC:


Hello Mr. Shulman


Thank you for your wonderful and informative session on benefits and entitlements. As the parent to a set of five year old twins with developmental delays and adhd, whom I adopted from foster care, it is extremely helpful to know that there are resources and help available to them, it is also very overwhelming once you get the knowledge of these programs to actually begin to tap into them. Thank you for your invaluable service.


From a former participant of a workshop I conducted for Early Intervention:


I am an old timer within EI and is great to see you continue to stay current & innovative.  You were my first and best trainer over 12 years ago and it is an honor to know you continue to make a difference!


Marleni Vallejo

Branch Manager-Bronx-NYC

Personal Touch-EIP  


From a parent after a workshop conducted for PS 152 in Brooklyn:


Hello Mr. Shulman,


Your workshop was very informative yesterday and I am very elated that I attended. I have to reiterate what a great and informative workshop you held yesterday. We all learned from each other and heard each other stories. Our kids are amazing and we thank you for your support always. 


From a physical therapist who attended a workshop at Little Sisters of the Assumption:


Hello Gary,


Thank you for energy and enthusiasm yesterday night at LSA. Your talk inspired me to serve as a conduit to connect others with services at a level I have never considered before. It is possible!


Thank you Gary!




From the Supervisor of Early Intervention who attended a workshop at Little Sisters of the Assumption:


Hi Gary,


Thank you!! for trooping it late evening to El Barrio!!!  Your workshop was great and everyone enjoyed it very much. I look forward to another one in the future.




From the Executive Director of QSAC after the completion of a series of workshops conducted for them:


Thank you Gary; You have done such a wonderful job at the workshops --- contributing to the success of this grant program! 


Best always,



From the Director of Events and Training at AHRC after a workshop on Staten Island:


I thought the workshop was fantastic.  I thought the intimate setting was just what those people needed.  It was a meaningful and helpful workshop.  Thank you for taking the time.  We start up our workshops again next season.  I’m sure we will be contacting you.


Thanks again.



From the sibling of a young adult with special needs who attended a workshop at AHRC on Staten Island:


Mr. Shulman,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for Wednesday’s workshop, not only was it informative but also inspiring.  My apologies for the tears, but I thank you for reminding me of the importance of caring for myself as well.   Again, many thanks, my boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop!





From a parent who attended a District 75 sponsored workshop in Queen:


Dear Gary,


Thanks for such a wonderful, enjoyable and informative workshop this morning.  I'm so impressed by your knowledge of "practically everything" in the world of special needs. You're amazing!


Many thanks for the outstanding job you do in helping parents, like myself. 

The world is a better place because of people like you.


Best always,




From a parent who attended a workshop sponsored by the YM-YWHA of Washington Heights:


Hi Gary,


I haven't laughed that hard since I was a child... I really needed to be at your Special Needs workshop last night, if only to feel the joy of laughter again!  I got so much more in addition though - in seven years of seeking information to aid my Special Needs child, I leaned more at your workshop in one-fell-swoop than in all those years put together!

Would you be ok with me posting your info and my praise of your workshop on the school's listserv site?


I do want to take you up on your offer to help parents.  

Again, I so enjoyed meeting you and attending your workshop!  You HAVE left the world a better place than how you found it.   Your poem, "Come Touch His Cheek", truly touched me.


Thanks for what you do!





From a parent who attended a workshop sponsored by the YM-YWHA of Washington Heights:


Good afternoon Mr. Shulman,


We met yesterday during a workshop at the Y.


I would really appreciate if you could give me a call at your convenience, to tell you my daughter's and family story as well as the struggles that we are facing.


After I met you yesterday I was astonished by the kindness of your words and I'm especially grateful to you for being an advocate for people with special needs.


From a OT who had attended one of my DOE workshops:


Hi Mr. Shulman,


I'm an OT working for the DOE, and attended your workshop this past year for DOE employees. Ever since then I've been meaning to shoot you an email detailing how fabulous I thought you were, and what an unexpected touching and moving experience it was. Since then I've referred several parents to you and your resources- one of whom was a student of mine who then went ahead and attended one of your parent workshops- When she first began her internship with me (and saw how varied an OT's job can be within the confines of the DOE) she began to question the services (and lack thereof) her son receives in his school- to make a long story short; I have witnessed her go from a parent feeling dejected, powerless and helpless against this creaky  & daunting bureaucracy to a proactive parent actively forcing the system to change gears for her child. This is all after she met you and is now actively working towards advocating for her son and is seeing real changes occur-

I want to tell you how inspired I feel to have met you and witness the work that you do with a full heart & head. I personally oftentimes feel under inspired working within this system and lack the motivation to advocate and fight for my clients thinking - what's the point- their parents don't care, teachers don't care- why should I? and that's a poisonous way to be. Thank you for reminding me that yes- one person can and should make all the difference and one should never stop following their heart- in spite & despite all those around them.


Just a thank you, really for all the work you do.


From a Mercy Center staff member who had attended past workshops:


Good Morning Mr. Shulman:


I am a long time admirer of your work. As a community worker and service provider, on several occasions I’ve attended your workshops while working for Visiting Nurse Services and what was known back then (MHA) The Bronx Parent Resource Center, since then, I can honestly say your expertise and passion for the field have been a memorable stamp in my journey of Human Services. I have been able to use you as an example with my colleagues, to highlight the importance of educating ourselves as professionals, our participants in order to produce effective and great quality service for the community in need. 


L. Cruz

Family Development

Mercy Center


From a parent who attended a workshop:


Dear Gary,


I attended your parent workshop for special needs children a few weeks ago.  I am the mother of three kids, two with special needs one is deaf and the other has Cri du Chat Syndrome.  


I really enjoyed the workshop; it was inspirational and educational.  It was really nice to be able to share experiences with other parents dealing with similar issues.  I don't really know or associate with parents of children with special needs, so I often feel alone.  Workshops like this make a difference.  I loved the story about the broken bucket because I find it so true.  Also, humor made the workshop more enjoyable.


Thank you.



From the Educational Supervisor of Bilingual Care, Inc.:


Everyone was talking about your presentation after you left. They responded on both a professional and personal level. I know a number of them have aged parents and challenged siblings.


Thank you for such an enjoyable and helpful session.




Anne Mahaney

Educational Supervisor

Bilingual Care Inc.


From a Bilingual Care SEIT who attended my workshop:


Dear Gary,


First I would to thank you for coming to speak to us all on Monday. You are an inspiration. You made us laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. You acknowledged our dedication, and for that we are most appreciative. Thank you for those important contact information numbers as well. I have already shared them with people and will continue to do so.


I absolutely love what I do as a SEIT and couldn't imagine doing anything else. It is a combination of teacher, mentor, psychologist and social worker. I help myself by helping others. This line of work gives me purpose, to serve others.


Thanks again,



From A YAI Staff Member:


I hope that you know that you have been a gem for families and people with disabilities.


From an Early Head Start teacher from Children’s Aid Society:


Hello Mr. Shulman,


I want to thank you for absolutely wonderful workshop at BECC on July 3rd. I truly enjoyed it and I certainly think that it will be helpful in my future work with the children.


Thank you very much and hopefully we will stay in touch.  




Early Head Start Teacher

The Children's Aid Society / CS 211 / Early Head Start Program

1919 Prospect Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10457


Posted on my Linkedin Site:


Blackfoot U-Ahk

School Teacher at NYC Department of Education

Gary is a professionally passionate, reliable, and knowledgeable person in the field of advocacy, training and special needs consulting for children with special needs. He has accessible and extensive resources to support families, professionals, and communities by aligning adequate and appropriate services and expertise in serving children with special needs. 

He is an approachable socialite who can help foster and facilitate effective informative workshops for parents, teachers, family workers, social workers, related service providers, and parent coordinators. His years of experience, wisdom, knowledge, and skills will benefit any school, parent group, organization, or agency. 

I highly recommend Gary as a resource expert for children with special needs, and all other stakeholders of any given school community. His broad work history validates his role as a social servant, serving our communities. 

August 6, 2014, Blackfoot was Gary's client


Terry Watson

Director of Educational and Creative Arts Services at Step By Step Infant Developmental Center

Gary has devoted his expertise, skills and consummate professionalism in helping parents and professionals know and understand how to best help their child or loved one with any and all services that are available to best enrich their lives and obtain services that are available to them. Recently Gary gave a presentation at my agency and parents walked away with renewed hope and energy to help their special needs loved one.

July 18, 2013, Terry worked with Gary at Special Needs Consulting and Training


From a parent who attended a workshop held at LearningSpring School for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders:


Dear Gary:


I hope all is well. I absolutely loved your presentation, as usual. I left it full of positive energy and thinking how great and nice you are!!!!! Thank you for being so nice and kind. You make my life so much easier. I also thank Ruby Russell for bringing you to us!!! Lots of positive energies and knowledge. Thank you very my much!!!!!


Many blessings!


From a husband and wife who attended my workshop at LearningSpring School for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders:


Hi Gary,


What a true pleasure it is to have met you yesterday!  Thank you for the great information and this fantastic new contact - YOU!

Gary, let me say how excited I am to now have you as a resource!

From a participant of a workshop given to the SEITS of Comprehensive Kids:


Hi Gary,

You gave a workshop, "Needs, Wants, and Wishes" for my staff when I worked for Comprehensive Kids SEIT program. You were a delight and everyone loved your presence, your wealth of knowledge and genuine desire to assist children, families, and educators. Thank you and I hope to work with you again in the near future.


From a School Principal after a staff training:


Hi Mr. Shulman,


Your presentation couldn’t have been any better.  Thank you so much.




Joan Antonelli

Principal 371K


From a parent who attended a workshop provided to QSAC:


Dear Gary,


I attended your moving, inspiring and highly entertaining talk at QSAC in Douglaston a few months ago. You are truly an amazing resource and you are changing people's lives for the better every day.


Thank you so much!


From a parent on Linkedin who attended one of my workshops:


Gary, I have been to only one of your workshops and I wish It was video not just audio recorded because it is timeless and a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Before you ever retire you need someone to record your "performance" so that information and inspiration never gets lost.


From a parent who attended a Benefits and Entitlements workshop at the Brooklyn Public Library:


Hello Mr. Shulman, it was an absolute pleasure meeting with you today and learning about all the various programs, entitlements and benefits due our loved ones with special needs. I am especially grateful that you not only gave this info (and for your OCD lol) but that you gave us your phone number and email information to provide us with further assistance on a individual basis.


From a parent who attended a Benefits and Entitlements workshop at the Brooklyn Public Library:


Dear Mr, Shulman - 


It was truly a pleasure meeting you the other day Thursday , and I must inform you that your presentation was Excellent , very informative, RIGHT to the point, and most of all Courteous and professional  with a perfect amount of much needed Humor ! 

I don't know if you remember me but I was sitting in the front desk and was trying to take in as much if not all that you where saying.


From a parent who attended a Benefits and Entitlements workshop at the Brooklyn Public Library:


Dear Gary ,

I apologize if I am becoming a nag! 

But you are God sent and it seems that what you have sent me regarding all my questions this past week, I have NOT been able to accomplish in years! 


From a School Psychologist who attended a Staten Island Workshop:


Dear Gary, 


The workshop today was really great.  Very informative and useful in this complicated world.  You made it look easy and simple to deliver so much important information. Nineteen years I have been working for the Dept. of Education and I never received so much information from one person in two hours lol.  Thank you. 


From a Physical Therapist who attended a workshop for DOE PTs:


Dear Gary,

My name is Michael and I am a physical therapist that attended your workshop at Queens College yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you! It was an amazing few hours. The information you provided was invaluable. More importantly your thoughts and wisdom will stick with me forever:) Be well!


From a Physical Therapist who attended a workshop for DOE PTs:


Hi Mr. Shulman,


I had the opportunity to participate in the workshop yesterday, I'm a NYC DOE physical therapist working in Ridgewood Queens. First thing that I want to say is that I was inspired and rejuvenated with your passion. It seems like you were on point with all you said about how mundane life is and that we tend to forget how lucky we are not knowing that our stresses are just a speck compared to the parents of our disabled children. So thank you for that wonderful workshop.


I'm following your lead Mr. Shulman I'm spreading the information to my principal, colleagues and parents of involved kids


Once again, God Bless your heart and I hope I get to attend your workshops in the future. Have a wonderful weekend!


From a Physical Therapist who attended a workshop for DOE PTs:


Hi Gary,


I had the privilege of attending your presentation in Brooklyn this week...never thought I'd say that about a DOE sponsored workshop!  My colleagues and I were blown away by your depth of knowledge, advocacy, energy and humor.  We all agreed that this is an area that we are sadly lacking in knowledge and therefore have always depended on someone else to take care of.  Thank you for opening up our eyes.


From a Physical Therapist who attended a workshop for DOE PTs:


HI there!


I LOVED your workshop Friday...you are so inspiring!

Thanks for all the great information for our families:)


 From a Physical Therapist who attended a workshop for DOE PTs:


Mr. Shulman,


Thank you so much all the information and responding to quickly. I really had fun in your workshop and it was very informative and useful.  You are such an inspiration to us all.





From a parent who attended the “Communicating with Professionals” workshop at My Time, Inc.


Thanks Gary for an Amazing workshop today...thanks for your words of inspiration and hope...

Much success to you as well...you have so much to give.




From a parent who attended a “Stress Reduction” workshop for the Center for Family Support:


Dear Gary,


Thank you for organizing a great workshop.

I spoke with a few other parents and everyone feel that we had "stress-free" conversation with people who CARE.


Looking forward to next one.


Warm regards,


From a Physical Therapist who attended a workshop for DOE PTs:


Hi Gary


I attended the DOE workshop for Physical Therapists which you spoke at on Friday, and I just wanted to say thank you.  I have been with the DOE for 16 years and have heard you speak twice.  Both times you have made an impact.


It's easy to care, but sometimes it's hard to help.  You make it easier.  Whether it's to light a fire under someone’s butt to get something done, or just putting someone in touch with the right person.  You make a difference and I wanted you to know it.  You are greatly appreciated.


Thanks again,




From the Director of the Brooklyn Autism Center:


Dear Gary,


Thank YOU for a great presentation, for bringing great information, resources and levity to the many challenges our families face. The feedback I received has been great.  The families really appreciated you.

Thanks again, I'm sure we'll be in touch soon with more questions.  






 From a PT and a parent who attended my session at Challenge Early Intervention Center:


Dear Gary,


THANK YOU so much for the incredibly engaging and informative workshop on programs and services you gave at Challenge last night.

It was easy to see that you do your work from the heart.


As a PT working with adults and EI population, i will definitely share a lot of the information you discussed.